Our organization carries the sense of mission. We play a role of connecting talents, right people right fit by engaging them, reaching them through our networks. We strive our best to accomplish the mission given by either employer or a job seeker with our passion. Passion is the driving force behind our success of each task with our client and job seeker.


GMRecruitment’s vision is to help people, who are in need, especially third world countries to provide them the opportunity to further study and simultaneously having a stable job. At the same time, cultivate them and give them opportunity, provide training to them so that they can adapt to the working environment. GMRecruitment may also consider subsidizing them in their education, giving them chance to look out for their dream job while having a stable income in GMRecruitment.

GMRecruitment strives to establish branches office nearby to Malaysia. E.g. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and etc. Purpose of doing so is to help even more needy people to have more employment opportunities both in and outside of their country. Since GMRecruitment has its network all over to the countries nearby, with the connection this means that needy people can get their dream job overseas with ease.

With this vision, GMRecruitment is able to help even more and more needy people all around the world. By spreading and conveying this idea to more people, poverty will make its disappearance and this will makes the world a better place.


The company is characterized by recurring values that can be traced back through our history:


We are trusted and responsible in our dealings and act with a high level of integrity in everything we do

Personal Touch

Different personalities shape and influence our company. We take personal relationships seriously and look after the people we work with


For us, confidence is fundamental to successful cooperation. Our customers place their trust in our capabilities and our world. We place trust in our staff and their know-how. And we cooperate with trustworthy partners


We promise only what we can deliver and we deliver on every promise. Our business is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity

Hassle Free

We dedicate ourselves to find a suitable job for you, so let us do the job hunt for you and let us improve your life

No Risk

For employer, you are not obligated to pay any membership or placement fees until we found the right fit for you. There is no any chargers for job seeker

Long-term Vision

It's not just our products that we develop for long-lasting durability, but also our relationships and contracts


Every day our staff strive to achieve the best results, by working together to provide recruitment solution to customer needs. Our involvement goes beyond the company itself, reaching out into the regions, reducing employee turnover rate and increasing employment opportunities